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    Hiding in plain site: How implicit biases hinder inclusion in selection and promotion strategies

    Date: April 14, 2015, 8:00am – 10:00am
    Portsmouth Country Club
    80 Country Club Lane
    Greenland, NH
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    In the blink of an eye judgments are made about candidates and colleagues. Cognitive science reveals clearly the invisible but insidious impacts automatic social judgments have on housing, criminal sentencing, children's playgroup, and employment decisions. This workshop explores the evidence on the power of implicit or "hidden" bias and presents strategies to improve awareness of and interrupt bias in employment decision making.  

    Meeting Agenda:

                                    7:30 am                Registration, Networking, and Breakfast

                                    8:00 am                SHRA Business, Legal Update, Community Spotlight, Sponsor

                                    8:30 am                Program

                                    10:00 am              Meeting Adjourns and Networking


    Hiding in plain sight: How implicit biases hinder inclusion in selection and promotion strategies

    Participants attending this presentation should complete at least one "Implicit Association Test" in a category of their choosing (race, mental health, weight, gender, color, etc.) and screen capture or otherwise document their results and then send them to, the instructor of this workshop by April 9th. All participants results will be anonymously combined with other participants and the results will be used in our workshop.  I will maintain the confidentiality of your individual results, this exercise is simply to allow us to learn effectively as a group about the challenge of hidden bias. The task takes about 10 minutes, though if you complete study registration it will take a few minutes more.

    Participants in this session:

    1)   Understand the concept of implicit bias and the ways it influences social judgments.

    2)   Identify events and conditioning that inform implicit biases, prototype biases, and affinity biases

    3)   Appreciate ways implicit biases impact recruitment, selection, and retention practices.

    4)   Develop tools to counter implicit bias in oneself, and to educate others.

     Presenter Biography:

    Loretta L.C. Brady, Ph.D., APA-CP is a professor of psychology at Saint Anselm College and the founder of BDS Insight, a culture, crisis, and conflict management consulting firm. She is a past Fulbright Fellow and columnist on diversity and Inclusion for New Hampshire Business Review. Her research on adult development, trauma informed service delivery, and serving marginalized populations has been published and presented internationally.


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