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    Exploring Bias in the Hiring Process

    Date: March 12, 2019, 7:30am – 10:00am
    Portsmouth Country Club
    80 Country Club Ln
    Greenland, NH 03840
    $25 for members, $45 for non-members
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    Monthly Program
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    Exploring Bias in the Hiring Process Workshop

    Program Details:

    This interactive presentation will focus on exploring how the personal filters we each have impacts how we perceive others and how these filters impact what kinds of bias we have in our interactions. It will also explore the science behind bias and give participants a chance to explore how it impact the hiring process. The presentation will close with an opportunity for individual action planning.


    Kari Heistad's work as CEO of Culture Coach International (CCI) focuses on helping organizations to solve the teamwork issues that arise from diverse and multicultural teams. Intent upon helping companies to understand the bottom line impact of cultural and diversity issues, the work of CCI is both practical and strategic in nature. To help diversity professionals make the ideas of diversity practical and easy to implement, CCI has developed diversity products including a line of Pocket Guides on diversity topics and Team Sparks cards to spark team conversations.

    In 2017 Kari founded the Diversity Dashboard, which is an online project management software custom designed for diversity professionals to help them track their activities, measure their results and report the ROI of their work and its ability to build inclusive, effective organizations that drive business results.

    In her work, Kari draws upon her travels and experiences living and working overseas to help clients understand the impact that culture has upon business interactions.  She has worked across a wide variety of industries and she has served as a media resource for outlet such as NEHRA, Boston Business Journal and the Wall Street Journal.  She was a working group chair for 5 years for the SHRM Diversity Standards Development Committee.

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