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    Certification Committee

    This committee is responsible for assisting members who are interested in pursuing certification; providing information and resources about certification opportunities; submitting SHRA's monthly programs for certification credits; and educating members about professional development opportunities offered by our national organization, SHRM. Interested in joining this committee? Please contact us!

    Committee Chairs:

    Deborah Donlick, SHRM-CP (Certification)
    Tammy Spear, SPHR, SHRM-CP (Re-Certification)

    Communications Committee

    This committee is responsible for all of the non-administrative communications functions for SHRA including website development and maintenance, email outreach, social media, advertising, and member communications. Interested in joining this committee? Please contact us!

    Committee Chairs:

    Tori Browall (Website)
    Alysa Southall (Social Media)

    Legislative Committee

    The Legislative Committee is charged with getting involved in Chapter governmental affairs, presenting legislative reports to membership, getting local or state legislative leaders to address the chapter or even participating in a "hill" visit! Interested in joining this committee? Please contact us!

    Committee Chair:

    Debra Weiss Ford, Esq.

    Membership Committee

    This committee is responsible for sending out membership information to interested individuals. The committee reviews all applications and recommends appropriate applicant classification (Vendor, Practitioner, Student) to the Board. Once the Board has met, the committee makes sure that the new member receives a welcome letter and packet. On a yearly basis, the membership committee coordinates the re-enrollment of members and paying of yearly dues. They also plan the annual Member Appreciation Event. Interested in joining this committee? Please contact us!

    Committee Chair:

    Daniela Bellitta-O'Neill, SHRM-CP.

    Professional Development Committee

    This committee develops the monthly educational/development programs for the association. Since all programs are member-driven, this ensures that the development opportunities offered meet the needs of the membership. The committee coordinates the logistic of each meeting including securing the presenter, sponsor and community spotlight organization. For more information concerning the Professional Development Committee, please contact us!

    Committee Chair:

    Debra Weiss Ford, Esq.

    SHRM Foundation Committee

    Our mission is to assist SHRM Foundation in accomplishing goals. The SHRM Foundation maximizes the impact of the HR profession on organizational decision-making and performance by promoting innovation, education, research, and the use of research-based knowledge.

    • Objective 1: The SHRM Foundation will be a preeminent broker/source of valued research knowledge.
    • Objective 2: The SHRM Foundation will broaden the understanding and application of research-based knowledge and techniques to the HR professional.
    • Objective 3: The SHRM Foundation will make research-based knowledge accessible
    • Objective 4: The SHRM Foundation will develop and nurture funding sources for the Foundation's work.

    Interested in joining this committee? Please contact us!

    Committee Chair:

    Paul Neve

    Workforce Readiness & College Relations Committee

    Workforce Readiness includes the preparation of a qualified workforce through the public schools, vocational and technical colleges, adult education opportunities, remedial employee training, and continuing professional development. Such efforts mandate collaboration between business/industry, local, state, and national government, educators, and the local community.

    This group also works with college and continuing education students that are interested in pursuing a career in the Human Resources field. Committee members mentor and network with students by participating in local college presentations and student appreciation events. Additionally, this group works with HR professionals by providing study/class preparation for achieving HRCI certification and to promote SHRA scholarships. Interested in joining this committee? Please contact us!

    Committee Chairs:

    Krystal Hicks (College Relations)
    Joe Ryan, MS, CPC, SHRM-CP (Workforce Readiness)