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College Relations

    SHRA is initiating a new program designed to support the College Relations Leadership Plan by SHRM. Locally there are many students enrolled in HR educational programs in hopes of pursuing a career in HR. Classroom instruction provides theory and information about HR, but lacks “hands on” experience. Mentoring offers students a first-hand look at the reality of being an HR professional. This is where you can help!

    For further information, please contact our College Relations Chair, Krystal Hicks.

    Expectations of a Mentor:

    • Willingness to donate time (approximately 10 hours);
    • Partner with one student (pre-screened by application and recommendation of teacher or advisor);
    • Interview the student:
      • Explore his/her career goals;
      • Provide brief overview of the mission of SHRA/SHRM;
      • Describe your position and job responsibilities;
    • Set up a plan for the student to spend time with you at work;
    • Invite the student to a SHRA meeting to make a brief presentation outlining the experience.
    • Optional: Attend student’s class and make brief presentation of the experience.

    Expectations of Student "Mentee”:

    • Submit application and recommendation of teacher or advisor
    • Actively participate in all scheduled meetings including initial interview with mentor
    • Prepare and submit to SHRA a one page paper/presentation summarizing/commenting on the experience. This should include a brief description of the experience and commentary on the value of the experience.